San Francisco City Hall Preservation Advisory Commission

Category : Commission or Committee

Address : 1 Dr Carlton B Goodlett Place, Room 008, San Francisco, CA 94102
Telephone: 415 554-6496

San Francisco's City Hall, located in the Civic Center Historic District, is a National Historical Landmark and a valued legacy to the people of this City.
The purpose of the City Hall Preservation Advisory Commission is (1) to ensure that the maintenance and operation of City Hall is consistent with its stature and dignity as a national landmark and as the seat of City government, (2) to assure that the building is a welcoming place for all people and (3) to promote the understanding of its history and cultural values.
The Commission will advise the Mayor, the Board of Supervisors, the Planning Commission, the Landmarks Preservation Advisory Board and the City Administrator on budgetary issues and matters relating to the operation, maintenance, repair, preservation and public awareness of City Hall.
The City Hall Preservation Advisory Commission will strive to see that the building is maintained according to the highest standards and not allowed to fall into disrepair.