San Francisco Justice Tracking Information System (JUS.T.I.S)

Category : Program or Division

Address : 1 Dr Carlton B Goodlett Place, Room 362, San Francisco, CA 94102
Telephone: 415 554-4852

The Justice Tracking Information System ("JUS.T.I.S.") program will integrate all City and County of San Francisco ("CCSF") criminal justice agencies' case management systems and replace a 35 year old mainframe CABLE CMS applications system.
It will allow public safety departments to gather and share information with each other automatically through a centralized hub, expedite individual department processes and will result in a more efficient and effective criminal justice information system.
The departments include (1) Mayor's Office, (2) City Administrator, (3) Adult Probation, (4) District Attorney, (5) Department of Emergency Management, (6) Juvenile Probation, (7) Police, (8) Public Defender, (9) Sheriff, (10) Status of Women, (11) San Francisco Superior Court, and (12) Department of Technology (non-voting member).
The JUS.T.I.S. Governance Council was established by Administrative Code Section 2A.85 to provide policy direction and oversight. The City Administrator's Office is the executive sponsor of the program and the Department of Technology provides technical support.