San Francisco Sheriff Department

Category : Top Agency - Elected

Address : San Francisco, CA
Telephone: 415 553-1430

The San Francisco Sheriff Department’s Civil Unit provides the public—plaintiffs, defendants, and other stakeholders—effective, compassionate and efficient assistance with services, Serving and administering wage garnishments, bank levies, and third-party garnishments, on behalf of a creditor. Collecting and administering related funds which may satisfy money judgments, and providing or coordinating alternatives to debtors whose debts may be modified or terminated, Serving various legal documents, including summonses and complaints, criminal and civil subpoenas, bench warrants, divorce papers, small claims documents, and all forms of legal notifications which the public may need or want delivered to parties resulting in proof of service or due diligence and serving restraining orders which protect plaintiffs against harm and provide due process to defendants who are accused.