Our Mission

In short, we work on projects that have positive impact on the quality of life in our communities. We view ourselves as a virtual incubator for strategic partnerships. We believe that civic innovation is the application of new ideas, methods, or technologies to improve existing processes and systems that impact the lives of people and the societies in which they live. Civic innovation takes place when we mix perspectives and approaches and apply them toward a singular challenge, and the greatest benefits happen when we partner broadly across diverse sectors. We identify potential synergies and create the collaboration between diverse stakeholders to solve problems.

Civic Tech

Our Projects

When selecting projects we try to answer a number of questions. Will there be impact in improving efficiency, quality and equity in delivering services to residents that are not happening in the public sector? How will the project stimulate resident's engagement in their community? Will it increase trust in civic institutions through the application of open data? We strive to involve non-traditional actors -- activists, community leaders, students, everyday people wanting to solve a local problem, in particular young people. By partnering with stakeholders across government, local business, corporate, and educational communities we create highly productive ecosystems.

Our Group

We come from different walks of life. Entrepreneurs, administrators, engineers, policy makers, community organizers, professionals, and volunteers - we all have one thing in common - we are civic innovators. Our group brings a broad set of skills to the table. We generously share our networks and other resources available to us, and the same goes for sharing responsibility. We firmly believe that we the people are capable of making our lives better, our communities more resilient, and our government more efficient. San Francisco has always been a place where innovation happens, we are just another generation on the path to improving quality of life for all of us.

Our group

Our Partners

We would not be able to do what we do without our partners. Partnerships and collaborations are at the heart of our creative process. We strive to incorporate representatives of widely diverse social fabric of San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. We work with government, institutional, corporate, educational, business, and non-profit groups. Most of today's problems are complex and thus difficult to solve without coming together as a community. By sharing resources, knowledge, and experience we expand our network of individuals who passionate and serious about investment in social good.

Collaboration with the Microsoft Civic Engagement Team

The Microsoft Civic Engagement Team works with local and national partners in cities in the U.S. to strengthen metropolitan communities and regions and contribute to local opportunities and economic growth. At Microsoft, we see how cities and counties are working at the intersection of people, programs, policy, and technology in ways that are creative, solution-oriented and highly impactful. Our team focuses on helping apply Microsoft resources, expertise, and networks to advance the effectiveness and awareness of these local initiatives and priorities.

The work touches on issues such as education and training, innovation and economic development, sustainability, criminal justice, accessibility, and transportation. We also enable the general application of tech and data to civic challenges by non-profits, governments, start-ups, and other organizations. Through cross-sector partnerships in these and other areas, we strive to be an active collaborator on work that has a sustained and scalable impact on the lives of individuals.